Roberta Eichenberg was born in San Bernardino California and inspired by her mother from an early age to appreciate the importance of the arts. She was lucky enough to have gone to a well-equipped high school, where she was able to study painting, drawing and ceramics. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University at Chico, with an emphasis in glass, she went to work for the glass art production studio, Orient and Flume, which specialized in the Art Nouveau style of glass design. She was a part of the production team and designed for their product line as well.  She received her Master of Art from California State University at Chico, which became a launching pad for her future research. Roberta received a teaching assistantship at Ohio State University where she studied under Richard Harned and earned a Master of Fine Art. The next year she took a position at the internationally renowned Pilchuck Glass School, a school in the Northwest where the educational concentration is on the material and process of glass. She was Studio Coordinator for three years and Educational Coordinator for the last year she worked at Pilchuck. Roberta was selected for the Emerging Artist in Residence program at the Pilchuck Glass School.  She relocated to New Orleans LA where she taught at Delgado Community College and established her own studio. In 2000, Roberta relocated to Emporia Kansas and is teaching in the Department of Art at Emporia State. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Emporia State University, teaching sculpture and glass, producing work and continuing exhibit locally and nationally. to exhibit nationally.