Inspired as a young child by my mother’s creative endeavors as a painter I am committed to the pursuit of a lifetime of creative solutions to the endless obstacles one is confronted with throughout life’s journey.  My mother gave me all of her strength and as a single parent raising four children she possessed an amazing amount of power. Since her passing this last year I can see a shift in the concepts that I have been exploring within my work.

The older series of pieces dealt with the balance and power of the individual. Perched on top of the world, balanced on the edge of security, the “Top Dog” series speaks of control and confidence. The “Seahorse” set suggests harmonious balance within the confines of a small personal world. The most recent work explores and exposes the multiple dimensions and powers of the heart that we know exist but are afraid to recognize explore or confront. Manic, pessimism, optimism, permissive, phobic, anxious, fearful, self-destructive, depression, unconditional love, these are some of the topics relating to the condition of the heart that I am exploring.

“Hearten”, presents the power, beauty and elegance of the heart in its purest state. “Knotted Heart” suggests the condition that ones heart might be in after an altercation with the ultimate loved one. Distorted in pain, frozen, cold and locked down in a paralyzed position unable to move, change or believe what is happening. “The Queen’s Heart” presents the self-debilitating state of envy. We torture and abuse our self’s in the quest for what someone else has. 

It has always been the main desires of any artist/craftsperson to handle manipulate, control and structure their given material. Glass is my medium of choice because of the qualities and challenges the material possesses and its processes lend itself to the types of issues I am working with at this time. Glass is ubiquitous, yet mysterious and magical. It is hard and cold, clear and thick, reflective and transparent and endlessly flexible. Glass, in its super hot liquid form, is a challenging and physically demanding material to work with due to the fact that you cannot touch it with the bare hand.